Deliver a right message at the right time to the right audience


Significantly increase your brand awareness, product purchase intent and sales.


Enrich your brand with vivid colours and captivating ads

Targeted Reach

Reach your target audience on a location and time basis


Contextually relevant ads, enhancing brand reinforcement, recall, and repeat purchase


Customise, modify and execute campaigns in real time to meet shifting market demands and opportunities

High ROI

Advertise at a low CPM cost throughout high traffic networks


DOOH Network

With our DOOH network you will be able to create innovative, dynamic, and large scale marketing campaigns. Our high brightness screens have natural colours and premium display quality that further enhances your message:

  • Maximum brightness: 3,500 nits

  • Size: 55"

  • Resolution: HD

  • Calibration: natural color temperature D65

  • Orientation: Portrait


Our Taxi Top LED network combines DOOH with mobile digital media. It tailors to the specific environment and creates a sense of immediacy and responds to the moment that consumer is in.

It's luminous during the day as it is during the night and allows you to broadcast multi-layered brand stories and messages to targeted audiences:

High dwell time:
Bus stops, traffic jams, airports, shopping centres

300 corporate client employees (Bank of Georgia,TBC, Wendy’s...)

Hard to reach locations with no outdoor advertising infrastructure

Homecard App

With our loyalty card app you can give your campaign a new dimension. The app has an increasing user base and will allow you to:

  • Manage notification campaigns and send target messages by location, age and gender

  • Personalise ads for your consumers on our window shop screens, using Beacon system

  • Create In-app advertising: (coming soon)

Why Clean House?

  • Opportunity to deliver your offer to 500,000 unique customers per day

  • Full marketing cycle integration with social media

  • High Georgia coverage at low cost

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Increased Sales

25 %